Rise Goods Support Clients of Wholesale Cigarette Lighter Business

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                      Rise-Goods support clients of cigarette lighter business

In 2017,UK Medicaljournal 《THE LANCET》 published an article,it was said that the smokers on the earth have reached 1 billion.

among them,one quarter male and 5 percent female are addicted to smoking.The article said that a majority of smolers come from

Asia,about 400 million male smoke tobacco,pipe tobacco,and other tobacco products over a long period of time.mostly female smokers

are in  United States,China,India,in those three countries,about 13-17 million female are smokers.

As the tobacco spresd so widely and smokers increase rapidly,the cigarette accessory and whole cigarette lighter business is growing

up soon.According to statistics,the whole world could consume 7.5 billion pieces disposable cigarette lighters one year.the wholesale

cigarette lighter business is a potention easy way to get into the international trading.import lighter from China and wholesale 

cigarette lighter on the domestic market.detail cigarette lighter on convenient stores,newsstand,and other stores.smokers need cigarette

lighter for smoking.

Usually,you need a brand and logo to let people learn about your products.Rise Goods support clients at every field,provide quality cigarette

lighter and best service.Customized lighter,sticker,print logo,color choice,colorful butane gas.and arrange shipping etc.what we could do 

for clients is try the best to help they doing good at wholesale cigarette lighter business.

Indeed,wholesale cigarette lighter is also related to the storage and sales cycle time,clients need a warehouse to keep lighters,that's need

a ventilated,cool and dry place.the most important is you must keep safe of lighters.sales cycle time is another important issue in the wholesale

lighter business,you have channels to sell lighters to wholesales,distributors,even some detailers.thinking about the lighter consume amount.

use your brand and sell lighters like flood running.

Another issue of the wholesale cigarette lighter is the shipment,as the cigarette lighter is belong to DG,generally the logistics don't accept

the LCL shipment,they only accept the full container load cigarette lighter manufacturer often specify the MOQ is one container.

Rise Goods have more than 20 years ecperiences in the lighter manufacturing,absolutely we got nice reputation keep good business relationship 

with our clients.any newer interesting about whosale cigarette lighter business,we will try the best to help you capture market share.