Custom Lighters Promotion OEM

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As a daily used product,people can buy disposable cigarette lighter in everywhere,but they all looks the same appearance,lack of personality,especially to the person who like the unique,people always want to buy a different lighter to show one's character.While fewer people are choosing to smoke, lighters continue to remain popular with individuals everywhere.Many associate them with cigarettes and pipes,but a lighter could be used to ignite a fire in a wood stove,light a candle,or get a grill up and running to make a meal.These are only a few of the countless times a device of this type will be of help,and businesses may take advantage of the lighter's versatility and usefulness.Promote your business with the help of custom printed lighters and see a great return on your investment. What are the benefits of selecting this promotional item?


Lighters hold up with time. In fact,a person may keep a lighter in their home or carry it in their car or purse for several years before it needs to be replaced.The lifespan of the device depends on how often they use it.Regardless of how frequently the lighter is used,it provides exposure for the business every time it is pulled out.It can easily remind a person of the business and all it has to offer months or years after the gift was provided.


Promotional lighters don't cost a great deal of money.Simply order 100 or more and the restaurant,bar,or other business will receive a great deal of exposure.The lighters can be printed in up to four colours to allow a business to consistently market their organization

and all lighters come in black or white to ensure these colours are properly displayed.This ensures the business has complete control over the message that is being displayed and the overall promotion.Obviously,the business needs to ensure the lighter reflects their

values and image,and our company makes certain they can do so.


One thing to keep in mind when choosing any promotional item is consumers will think of the business when they use the item.For this reason,quality is of great importance,and RISE is considered a excellent in the lighter industry.For this reason,we offer RISE lighters

as we want our customers to have only the best.They are affordable and reliable,and consumers often purchase them in stores when they want a device of this type.By providing them for free,businesses find their value increases in the eyes of the consumer,simply because it demonstrates quality and reliability are important to them also.

Moreover,Custom lighters are an excellent promotional tool for customer's advertising of restaurant,bar,hotel,pub,etc.the wrapper on lighter is a good plece to print Logo,brand name,product information,address,contact.if it is the solid color lighter,it also

can print on the lighter body or sculpture on the cap.then you can present the custom lighters to customer to promote your business.It's a reasonable and inexpensive product of advertisement.

In China,the bulk enterprise order custom lighters are tobacco company,white spirit manufacturer,restaurants,hotels.for example,a new brand of white spirit made marketing strategy,and they print poetry on bottles and custom lighter,that makes young people feel cordial and acceptable,their wines sales volume reached 1 billion bottles per year.that's really a miracle of the wines selling history,because the new company can hardly crowd in the top ranks.

Like the analyse,the custom lighters promotion is really benefit to your business,and make a advisable marketing strategy,that will help to enhance your brand influence.

RISE offers the custom lighters promotion products for clients,DIY custom lighters are also supported,from lighters color,wrapper design,cap,press color,print design,etc.Rise always support clients with the quality products and best services.

Custom printed promotional lighters from RISE are a great way to add light to your promotional message.We have listed only our most popular logo lighters to make your shopping experience a little simpler. All of our custom lighters are printed with color-fast print to ensure a long lasting imprint. 

RISE features lighters, Custom Promotional lighters,as well as generic custom lighters.If the lighter you are looking for is notpictured,give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you find one that fits your needs.

We have a range of branded & promotional lighters with your logo emblazoned along the barrel area.We can screen print in up to 5 colours or brand with a full colour sticker of your design choice!Talk to us today about your promotion requirements and we can design a printed lighter virtual sample with your branding and information, and a fully itemised quote prior to production. This is 100% FREE and no obligation to proceed.