12V 27A Alkaline Battery

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27A Alkaline Batteries are 12 volt non-rechargeable batteries.Non rechargeable is also often referred to as single-use,throw away and disposable.You cannot recharge these batteries or any non-rechargeable,single-use,throw-away or disposable batteries! Never attempt to do so as this might result in a fire hazard!

As with many battery products on the market today,27A Alkaline cells are also known by different(but equal in every way)model numbers.These numbers are issued by different battery makers just as a way to market them.For your information and education,we list the various model numbers for your replacement battery name: 

A27,S27,MN27,G27A,GP27A,LR27,LR27A,L828,EL812,EL-812,CA22,and Bronica B-1.

Whenever you seek to buy batteries,either the 27A Alkaline or any other type/chemistry, size or capacity,it’s necessary to do it with a solid and trustworthy battery supplier.One who is actually in the battery business and completely knowledgeable about the products they own.Many websites sell batteries today.Some do not actually own the merchandise and are not actually the stores themselves–they are merely portals,which lure you to

them from search engines,making you believe they have inventory,only to lead you to other sites once you click on them,and you find that it's these other sites that either have,or have AVAILABLE,the batteries you seek.Every middleman along the way will receive a portion of your dollars spent on the batteries in one way or another.A reliable battery supplier however,is one who starts by owning their own inventory at their premises.Next on the

list is that they provide quality,sound,and friendly technical information about batteries to all who inquire,and do so,either live,or by quick reply.Shipping is also a factor.A good supplier will ship your order in time sensitive fashion and deliver exactly what you order,in fine condition,with no surprises on the price.At,we provide just that level of customer service!We operate with integrity.We've been in the battery business for years and years and have established ourselves as trusted and reputable.

Specification of 27A Alkaline Battery:

Voltage Rating: 12V


High capacity

0% Mercury

Low self discharge rate

Can be used at -40℃ to 100℃

For high drain devices

Do Not Recharge


27A Alkaline batteries are widely used in the following applications,

Remote Control,Car Alarm,Immobilers,Garage Door Remotes,Doorbells,etc.

High voltage battery that is uniquely built to offer excellent performance and longer operational life over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Wholesale Alkaline Battery

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